David Balatero

cello / electric bass / synths / code / seattle, wa

Welcome to my site, which functions as an info-dump of all the projects I'm currently working on.

Need to contact me? dbalatero@gmail.com
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My old cello is for sale: more info here


This band is a great intersection of computers and music for me. We try create sound not only with real instruments, but computer programs that we write. In addition to one of our main instruments being a custom, light-based video synthesizer, we also create sound by decoding network packets into sound and teaching computers to mumble and speak lyrics via machine learning.

We were recently written up on Hacker News, Reddit, Slashdot, Boing Boing, and countless independent publications for releasing our album Cycles Per Instruction as a Linux kernel module.

Sister Girlfriend

This is my electronic/R&B project with best friends Rob Hanlon and Ryan Batie. It's really fun. I play keyboards + electric bass and write/produce some of the songs. Trevor Spencer has mixed all of our singles, and makes our tracks sound great.

We just released Knock EP in August 2015. It was recorded and mixed by Randall Dunn at Avast in Seattle, WA:

Song Sparrow Research

I've been playing with Song Sparrow Research for a while now and we've put out a few albums since. I play cello, electric bass, and a bit of in-studio keyboards. We just released a new record in July 2015 titled Sympathetic Buzz

Operation ID

A wild and crazy bionic synth free-jazz band, which is sadly not active anymore. Probably one of the most fun projects I've ever been in. I play electric bass.

One of the craziest (and the last) Op ID shows that I played (ended with Jared getting stitches at the hospital):

Other recordings

I played cello on Neil Welch's Sleeper album:

I played some electric bass on The Lorens' track "Into Your Mind"

I recorded strings on iji's Whatever Will Happen record, out on Team Love:


I play a cello made for me by Robert Brewer Young, in Montfa, Midi-Pyrenees, France. He makes beautiful cellos, and is absolutely worth talking to if you're ever looking.

I occasionally record short improvisations on cello. Here's one I did at a swamp near Fall City:

Here's one I did at Racer Sessions:

Sometimes I work on classical music. I'm not a pro but it's an honor to be able to perform and share some of the greatest music ever written. Here's a video of me playing the Crumb Sonata, Mvt 3:

Aaron Otheim and I sometimes perform as a cello/synthesizer duo. Here's a video of us performing some outer space soundtrack-y music, with a video synth light show by Nick Bartoletti.

Source code for this site is at http://github.com/dbalatero/davidbalatero.com
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